OVH Labs - The Birthplace of Innovation

OVH Labs is OVH’s innovation hub, complementing and drawing upon our rich heritage of innovation. From Public Cloud instances to servers with high-speed NVMe disks, our innovation zone is where you get the chance to test our forward-thinking technologies before they eventually graduate to OVH.

But innovation is not born out of thin air. Our research and development teams work hard every day to analyse two significant sources of insight which drive OVH’s own brand of innovation.


Feedback from the Tech Community

Programmers, developers and techies bring more than just code to an organisation. OVH Labs aims to support innovative projects and ideas by providing developers with powerful servers and solid cloud resources to test prototypes and projects. We rely on your feedback to perfect our technology and ensure that we are providing the tech that you need to focus on your work.

Our 1 million customers worldwide also provide a rich source of research problems and inspiration for new labs projects, tailored to their needs.


Latest Tech Trends

With over 60 international technical partners and involvement in several open-source organisations, OVH Labs always has its ear to the ground on new trends and bleeding-edge technology. For example, OVH is a major partner and infrastructure donor for the open-source OpenStack project. The teams put any technology through its paces through benchmarking and extreme use cases.


How do we foster innovation?

We understand that we need to provide you with the best possible environment to encourage innovation, and OVH Labs is committed to delivering the following: 

  • Top performance platforms (I/O, network, scalability, hardware and datacenters)
  • Pragmatic solutions that cover all your needs and which can be linked together, from infrastructure to managed services
  • Transparency (open, standard solutions that are well explained)
  • Simple solutions (easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to develop, easy to scale-up)

Explore our labs now and don't forget to give us your feedback!