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AI Marketplace

Open marketplace for AI algorithms, enabling developers to create smarter applications

OVHcloud AI API Marketplace leverages existing and ready to use Artificial Intelligence runtime APIs in order to enpower your business value.

From text to images, find the right AI tool for the right job, and improve your app with new AI features.


Try out the OVHcloud AI Marketplace !

Our goal

OVHcloud AI API Marketplace aims to simplify the use of AI.

We provide various AI algorithms, from open source world but also from partners. We act as a bridge between customers and AI technology.


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Getting Started



Step 1 : create a free account

First, create your personal account in 10 seconds (first name, last name, email) on the OVHcloud AI Marketplace


Create your account



Step 2 : select an AI API to use


Browse our catalog. Some are here for fun, some could be quite useful for your applications.

Click on the one you want.

ai api



Step 3 : Create an API key

Subscribe to the API on the top right corner of the API page. It will request the creation of an API key.

It's an individual token, linked to your account. Never share it to someone else.



Step 4 : try it online

Once you have your API key, you can go back to the API page and authorize the online swagger to use your own API key.

Click on "try it out", then modify parameters when required.

ai try


After clicking on the "Execute" button, result will be shown in your web browser. Here we colorized a black and white picture.

A curl sample will also be shown as an example.

ai result final




Step 5 : implement AI APIs in you own app

You can call API endpoints in various languages, such as Python, PHP, Golang, Java, and so on.

Find some basic Python and PHP implementations examples here :


Here we use PHP Cocoen slider with Image Colorization API :




Lab is 100% free for now.



Try the OVHcloud AI API Marketplace



Try out the OVHcloud AI Marketplace !



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