On-demand Bare Metal instances in Public Cloud

Physical servers orchestrated by OpenStack Ironic

We have been providing on-demand resources through Public Cloud since 2015 and we are very excited to invite you to be the first to test our next big feature: Bare Metal instances.



The best of both worlds: dedicated servers with the flexibility of cloud

A Bare Metal instance looks like a classical instance (usualy using virtualisation) by providing you a physical server fully dedicated to your usage.

A Bare Metal instance is a single-tenant physical server, dedicated solely to your usage. You enjoy 100% of the hardware power, with no hypervisor and no virtualisation layer.

Thanks to OpenStack Ironic, it is now possible to provision Bare Metal instances instead of virtual ones on our OpenStack-powered Public Cloud. You can use the API with your preferred tools to manage these bare-metal instances: the OpenStack CLI or Horizon.

Use cases

While the virtualisation approach is useful for many cases, some workloads need the power of Bare Metal.

For example, if you have to host a database which serves many requests/s, a Bare Metal instance will deliver all the hardware power to answer quickly.

You also could have your own solution to orchestrate containers, bare metal instances will avoid the virtualisation layer to run containers directly on the host.

Finally, you could have very specific network latency requirement that virtual instances couldn't answer. Bare Metal instance will offer you a faster network.

Available features
Create instance
Delete instance
Rebuild instance
Boot on rescue
Hard reboot instance
Use cloud-init (using config-drive)
Fast instance spawn (less than 3 minutes!)
Software RAID (no raid, raid 0 or raid 1)
Features in Backlog
Plug Private Networks (using vRack)
Ips failover
Plug Cinder Volumes
Snapshots (cold snapshots)
Resize instance (using cold snapshot)
Use security groups