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The advantages of a private VPS without the IT knowledge required

A web hosting solution fully managed by OVH and powered by a VPS (Virtual Private Server): enjoy the true flexibility without the sleepless nights.

Unlike the current shared infrastructure which has a standard configuration, Cloud Web gives you the flexibility to easily configure your environment and your web application, backed by OVH web hosting team and its experience of millions of managed websites.

Just focus on your development or your website!

The beta version is based on VPS 1

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Preview offer characteristics
Connection SSH, sFTP
Stack PHP + Apache
Features availables Vhost, 1 click module, Cron, Unlimited database
Final offer characteristics
More features

Launch a reboot of your Cloud Web

Configure the variable environment that suits you

Configure on variable php.ini

More stack and mix of technologies Nodejs, Nginx, Mongodb
Schema Shared Hosting vs Cloud web

Explanation of the schema

In this beta, we only offer Apache and PHP as a stack.

In the final version, we will include other stacks (other programming languages and web servers) to allow even more flexibility and customisation!
We will also offer different kinds of VPS according to your needs and to support your most ambitious projects


We would love you to contribute to this project! Please join us on Community to share your insights, your requests and your feedback and help us build the Cloud Web you want!

Follow our “how-to” guide to get started with Cloud Web


  • Cloud Web is based on a managed VPS: OVH does the admin work for you which means you don’t have root access.  
  • Currently the libraries are installed and standardised, we are planning to give you more flexibility at a later stage of the beta phase.
  • Resources are dedicated but not guaranteed.


  • BETA