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FPGA Server

An FPGA is an integrated circuit that is hardware programmable.

Added to the server on a PCIe card, it can be used as a co-processor to accelerate a highly compute intensive application.

The FPGA servers include a PCIe-based FPGA card with an ALTERA Arria 10 GX 1150 FPGA and 2x4GB of memory.


Accelize solutions bring FPGA usability to a new level

Accelize delivers pre-defined accelerators that you can be seamlessly loaded onto your FPGA server. Using the Accelize QuickPlay tool flow, you can also customize and/or create your own accelerators even if you do not have FPGA expertise. As an OVH FPGA server user you can:

  • Evaluate several pre-built FPGA accelerators: Gzip, GunZip, Encryption, and many more to come.
  • Develop your own FPGA accelerators using Accelize’s QuickPlay®: Using C/C++ with complete hardware abstraction (or HDL based on your expertise); or using predefined Hardware Libraries (IP blocks).
  • Sell your FPGA accelerators to other customers in the form of pre-built accelerators. Pre-built FPGA accelerators can be sold widely using Accelize’s QuickStore®.
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Logos partners

Our Partnership with Accelize

Accelize is the leader in FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service solutions for the Cloud industry.

The company’s offering evolves around 2 products: QuickStore and QuickPlay.

  • QuickStore offers a range of pre-built FPGA accelerators that can be loaded on a variety of FPGA platforms and hardware libraries (IP Blocks) to create custom accelerators.
  • QuickPlay is the platform that enables the quick and easy development of efficient FPGA accelerators without requiring any FPGA expertise.

Through this partnership, Accelize, in cooperation with its QuickAlliance partners (CAST, Barco-Silex, Logic-Fruit, and many more to be announced) provides to the RunAbove users a set of pre-built accelerators that users can test directly on the RunAbove server.

RunAbove users can also use QuickPlay to create their own custom accelerators to be loaded and run on the RunAbove servers.


The documentation is available at FPGA-documentation.


Server characteristics
FPGA Card Bittware A10PL4 Card ALTERA Arria 10 GX 1150 FPGA Chip 2x4GB Memory
Server CPU E5-1650 64GB RAM 2x2TB SATA
Price 199.99€/2 weeks (then 399.99€/month)


Features included

Every server comes with:

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250 Mbps
guaranteed bandwidth

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1 IPv4/IPv6

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Quickstore & Quickplay trial version

NO SLA but if server fails, your money is refunded


FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. It is a programmable integrated circuit designed to be configured by the user before running the application.

Because FPGA are hardware programmed to run one application. The performance can be much higher than on a classical CPU architecture (with software compilation). The main fields are:

  • Video & image processing
  • Communications
  • Digital signal processing
  • High performance computing
  • Data mining

The most used language is HDL (VDHL, Verilog) but OpenCL is also being used to processed workloads typically being done by GPUs.

OVH is partnering with Accelize which has developed a comprehensive end-to-end High Level Design tool flow based on C/C++, which enables Software developers to develop quickly and efficiently FPGA Accelerators without requiring any FPGA Expertise.

More details can be found at https://www.accelize.com/solution.

The FPGA Server is delivered with a Linux distribution, and the Bittware tool that allows to transfer your application onto the FPGA card.

Several accelerators developed by Accelize and its QuickAlliance Ecosystem partners are also loaded onto the server for immediate performance evaluation of FPGA capabilities.

FPGA Server users are also entitled to subscribe to the Accelize QuickPlay tool flow with preferred terms to develop their own FPGA Accelerators (either for their own use, or with the objective to resell it on the Accelize QuickStore).

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us, or subscribe to the mailing-list: hardware.labs-subscribe@ml.ovh.net.


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