OVH Managed Kubernetes Service

Bare-metal and GPU nodes for Kubernetes

Bringing the best OVH IaaS flavours
to your Managed Kubernetes service

OVH Managed Kubernetes service offers you a fully managed cluster where you select the workers nodes of your choice within the OVH Public Cloud VM constant performance catalogue. We are now exploring the best way to add support for GPU and bare-metal (no virtualisation) workers, so that you can mix-and-match your VMs, for even more specialised and powerful configurations. Help us shape the new features of our Kubernetes offering by answering a short survey (telling us about your hardware and software needs, your specific use cases...) and you will have the chance to access the private beta during the summer.


Take a short survey and request access to the Lab


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The exact models and pricing will be defined based on your feedback, but all worker nodes will be available and billed hourly, with discounts for longer-term commitment.

Yes. A cluster will be able to include both classic VMs, and any GPU and bare metal worker nodes available in a given OVH Public Cloud region.


  • BETA