Enterprise Cloud Databases

Managed and clustered databases for your critical applications

This lab is now in production ! Discover our offers :

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Enterprise Cloud Databases are fully managed and clustered databases tailored for production needs.

OVH takes care of all the infrastructure setup, you end up with you SQL access and are able to focus on your business.

Right now, we only provide PostgreSQL but we plan many other DBMS, with always the same goals : reliability, scalability and performance.

Find out below our main benefits and features.


Main features & benefits


Fully managed

OVH will monitor you infrastructure 24/7 and ensure the maintenance and operations. Non-exhaustive list of our tasks : DBMS minor updates, the DBMS security patches, the Linux OS distribution maintenance and update, hardware replacement parts, ...

You can focus on your business, a sysadmin is not required anymore for your database.



We learned a lot internally from our proper needs, and we conceived a robust database infrastructure (more explanations below). We provide a database cluster made with Master and multiple Replicas servers.

Also, we automated the failover from the Master to the Replicas with Patroni and Zookeeper.



You can add up multiple Replicas servers for horizontal scaling. By coupling them with the OVH Load Balancers, we can balance the databases operations easily.



We crafted different offers, with specific and dedicated hardware ensuring you guaranteed resources, to fit all your use-cases and workloads.



We support the SSL/TLS protocol to secure all the external connections. Also our storage disks are encrypted.


(Soon) Observability tools

We aim to provide all the relevant tools to build your dashboards. Grafana/Kibana and Graylog are in our roadmap.


Billing made simple

You will pay for your initial cluster and added Replicas servers.

We will not charge the inbound/outbound traffic, and the storage is included.




Every cluster is composed of :

  • An OVH Load Balancer, based on HAproxy. It will balance the traffic to the Master and Replicas servers;
  • A Master server, with read/write access;
  • At least 1 x Replica server, with read access. You can add multiples replicas;
  • At least 1 x Backup server, handling the backup jobs and replicating those backups to another storage solution;
  • A replication and automated failover system. For PostgreSQL, it's based on Patroni and Zookeeper;
  • And soon observability tools, allowing you to build dashboards with your logs and metrics.


The infrastructure is deployed by OVH and maintained by OVH. It's a fully managed cluster. You don't have the root access.


enteprise cloud database ovh



There is no complex billing. We will provide fixed price allowing you to estimate easily your costs.

Network traffic, storage, CPU, RAM, IOPS... whatever the use, it's included.


Also, the goal of this lab phase is to gather your feedbacks. The Beta Lab phase will be 100% free of charge.


Item Billing
DB Software

Will depend of the DBMS chosen, some may have licensing costs.

PostgreSQL : free (and open source)

Network Inbound / Outbound traffic : Included
Storage : Included
Compute (Master and Replicas) :

Free during the 1 month lab test period, can be extended to 3 months


You can terminate your database service whenever you want.

After the lab phase, the compute and load balancing parts will not be free anymore (you will be notified).



Request access


This lab is now in production ! Discover our offers :

FR : https://www.ovh.com/fr/enterprise-cloud-databases/

EN : https://www.ovhcloud.com/en-ie/enterprise/products/enterprise-cloud-databases/


Please contact our commercial team if you need a 1 month trial



What kind of DBMS will you provide after PostgreSQL ?

We will propose MySQL first.


What is the current PosgreSQL version provided ?

PosgreSQL 9.6, 10, 11 and 12


Are the Master and Replicas servers dedicated to my personal use?

Yes. dedicated hardware


Can I distribute the Master and Replicas servers in multiple OVH datacenters ?