One Click Big Data : Hadoop Analytics

Make your business at scale with a Cloud preinstalled BigData Stack



Time to market !

Once your order is passed, you can start working on your business cases in the following hours !

Operate your infra anywhere with a fully configured Web SSH based on guacamole®




Full Stack is FULL


You'll have a full root access to your cluster

Governance fully installed and ready to use (kerberos / ranger / LDAP)

Cluster is sized to be ready to use




Governance ready !

Cluster is only accessible through HTTPS

Your cluster is isolated from the internet with outbound access only

User access control and audit through Apache Ranger



Client Testimony

" It's now been three months since we looked into OVH's Big Data & AI solutions (BigData as a Service & GPU as a Service).

Beyond the exciting technical discussions we have, we feel a real dynamic.

This dynamic will be necessary to deal with the challenges we will have to face (technic & safety) to "transform the test"! "


How to get started ? 

In order to deploy your stack you will need : 

  1. A Public Cloud Project
    If you do not have already a project, connect to your OVH manager. Then in Cloud, create a new project 
  2. A vRack network 
    In your OVH manger, section Cloud, you can order a vRack network. Then in your project, you can bind it to the vRack you want
  3. Increased Quotas
    As a cluster need several machines to run smoothly, you need to ask for a quota increase. Learn how to do it here

Big data analytics is already available in your OVH manager ! 
Just have a look at our starter page

You can also use our api


Technical Considerations

Below is a generic schema of your cluster. It consists of a standard distribution cluster with all services pre-installed (see distribution website). Hadoop services are installed on Workers and Masters nodes. We provide a network gateway and a Load Balancer in order to make services accessible from outside. There are 3 service nodes for : Kerberos, Guacamole and database backend (Hive metastore). 




Services Availibility




Depending of your needs, from less than an hour to several days.

Yes, and you're in charge of it.

The service is offered for a fixed amount of time, so you will just be charged for your Cloud instances.

In order to setup a minimal size cluster we deploy 3 master nodes (r2-60), 4 utility nodes (r2-15) and 4 worker nodes (r2-60). This number may vary according to the size of the cluster you will ask for.


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