One Click Big Data : Hadoop Analytics

Make your business at scale with a Cloud preinstalled BigData Stack


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Time to market !

Once your order is passed, you can start working on your business cases in the following hours !

Operate your infra anywhere with a fully configured Web SSH based on guacamole®




Full Stack is FULL


You'll have a full root access to your cluster

Governance fully installed and ready to use (kerberos / ranger / LDAP)

Cluster is sized to be ready to use




Governance ready !

Cluster is only accessible through HTTPS

Your cluster is isolated from the internet with outbound access only

User access control and audit through Apache Ranger



Client Testimony

" It's now been three months since we looked into OVH's Big Data & AI solutions (BigData as a Service & GPU as a Service).

Beyond the exciting technical discussions we have, we feel a real dynamic.

This dynamic will be necessary to deal with the challenges we will have to face (technic & safety) to "transform the test"! "


How to get started ? 

In order to deploy your stack you will need : 

  1. A Public Cloud Project
    If you do not have already a project, connect to your OVH manager. Then in Cloud, create a new project 
  2. A vRack network 
    In your OVH manger, section Cloud, you can order a vRack network. Then in your project, you can bind it to the vRack you want
  3. Increased Quotas
    As a cluster need several machines to run smoothly, you need to ask for a quota increase. Learn how to do it here

Big data analytics is already available in your OVH manager ! 
Just have a look at our starter page

You can also use our api


Technical Considerations

Below is a generic schema of your cluster. It consists of a standard distribution cluster with all services pre-installed (see distribution website). Hadoop services are installed on Workers and Masters nodes. We provide a network gateway and a Load Balancer in order to make services accessible from outside. There are 3 service nodes for : Kerberos, Guacamole and database backend (Hive metastore). 




Services Availibility




Start deploy from your OVH  Cloud manager  (see )

Depending of your needs, from less than an hour to several days.

Yes, and you're in charge of it.

The service is offered for a fixed amount of time, so you will just be charged for your Cloud instances and storage.

In order to setup a minimal size cluster we deploy 3 master nodes (r2-60), 4 utility nodes (r2-15) and 4 worker nodes (r2-60). This number may vary according to the size of the cluster you will ask for.



This lab is now in production ! Discover our offer on