One click, Big Data on OVH

Make your business scale with Hortonworks Data Platform® on OVH Cloud

On demand Data Lake is a pre-installed Hortonworks solution on one of your cloud project

When you subscribe to this labs, we test your eligibility. Then, we create and install a fully working HDP® cluster.

We aim to give you a data lake ready to use as fast as possible.

What is Data Lake solution about ? 


Before any deployment, our teams check that you are eligible. Then, we create machines needed to setup a fully working HDP® cluster.

If needed, we increase your quota in order to deploy your cluster correctly.






Unify your systems !

With a data lake, you will be able to work on all your systems data from the same locattion.






An adapted and tailored solution.

Big data is not all about size. It's all about having resilience and scale by design.

Choose to start small and get not limits on your lake.







Providing performance and standards is a priority for us.

That is why this service is based on Hortonworks Data PlatformTM






Performance and Prices ?

Get both of it with OVH Cloud.




With this one click cluster deployment, you can get rid of the fastidious operations and focus on your business.


Client Testimony


It's now been three months since we looked into OVH's Big Data & AI solutions (BigData as a Service & GPU as a Service).

Beyond the exciting technical discussions we have, we feel a real dynamic.

This dynamic will be necessary to deal with the challenges we will have to face (techniques & safety) to "transform the test"!




NB : A bastion allows you to connect by SSH on the instances of your private network. A load balancer allows you to connect to the web interfaces of the different tools like Ambari UI or Ranger UI.


Currently, you can order an HDP® infrastructure by completing the form below and requires human intervention.

Our goal is to deliver the cluster in a few minutes !


After accepting terms and conditions, please fill in the form below.

From a few hours to several days

Yes, and you're in charge of it.

Services deployment is offered. You only have the virtual machines usage to pay (~2500 euro for a full month).

In order to setup a minimal size cluster we need 17 machines (b2-60). This number may vary according to the size of the cluster you will ask for.


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