High Performance Object Storage

High Performance Object Storage

S3 Standard API along with best in class performance.

With the acquisition of OpenIO, OVHcloud's ambition is to create the best Object Storage offer on the market.

The combination of the functional richness and performance of OpenIO’s technology with OVHcloud's industrial and cloud infrastructure expertise enables the design of a very large-scale object storage offering at the best price/performance ratio.

The new High performance Object Storage offer is about to be available in BETA version.

The new High Performance Object Storage

  • Relies on Erasure Coding 6+3
  • Chunks are distributed in different racks within the same location
  • Proposes a wide coverage of S3 standard API
  • Will be consistent by design

S3 Coverage Matrix :

Common operations

GET Service

Bucket operations

DELETE Bucket cors
DELETE Bucket encryption  
DELETE Bucket lifecycle  
DELETE Bucket policy  
DELETE Bucket replication  
DELETE Bucket tagging
DELETE Bucket website  
GET Bucket (List Objects) Version 2
GET Bucket acl
GET Bucket cors
GET Bucket encryption  
GET Bucket lifecycle  
GET Bucket location
GET Bucket notification  
GET Bucket Object versions
GET Bucket policy  
GET Bucket replication  
GET Bucket tagging
GET Bucket versioning
GET Bucket website  
HEAD Bucket
List Multipart Uploads
PUT Bucket
PUT Bucket acl
PUT Bucket cors
PUT Bucket encryption  
PUT Bucket lifecycle  
PUT Bucket notification  
PUT Bucket policy  
PUT Bucket replication  
PUT Bucket tagging
PUT Bucket versioning
PUT Bucket website  

Objects operations

Delete Multiple Objects
DELETE Object tagging
GET Object
GET Object ACL
GET Object tagging
GET Object torrent  
HEAD Object
OPTIONS object
POST Object  
POST Object restore  
PUT Object
PUT Object - Copy
PUT Object acl
PUT Object tagging


Multiparts objects operations

Abort Multipart Upload
Complete Multipart Upload
Initiate Multipart Upload
List Parts
Upload Part
Upload Part - Copy


This is a free beta

Public Cloud contractual conditions do not apply to this beta. As it comes without any SLA, this product should be only used for testing and not used in production.

The use of the offer will be charged as soon as it comes to GA. Beta users will be informed 1 month before General Availability, about the targeted Business Model and defined pricing.

Please give us feedback through the following channel :

  • Gitter : ovh/High-Perf-Object-Storage
  • Github : https://github.com/ovh/public-cloud-roadmap/issues/38


  • This is a closed BETA with a limited capacity, customers will be selected regarding several criterias.
  • The offer is available in SBG only for the time of the BETA.
  • The offer is available through API only for the time of the BETA (Customer Control Panel will be available for the GA).

Wanna be part of it ?

Please fill in the subscription form (link at the bottom of this page). The lucky ones will receive an email with all the information they need to onboard.
The others will be notified as well.


Your data stored in the High Performance Object Storage will be free of charge during the BETA. Any other usage within your Public Cloud will be normally charged.

The service will only be available in Strasbourg (SBG) location during the BETA, thus your data will be stored in Strasbourg datacenters.

High Performance Object Storage will only be available through S3 API calls with a wider coverage than the current Standard Object Storage one.
SWIFT API calls will not be available for High Performance Object Storage.


  • BETA

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To be part of this BETA, please request an access by filling the survey.

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