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ioStreamioStream is a message queue service. This "Stream-as-a-Service" tool supports asynchronous communication between services.

Based on Apache Pulsar(TM) and compatible with market standard messaging protocols (Kafka*, MQTT*), ioStream by OVH helps you manage events reliably in real time.


General features:

  • Stream messages in different ways: single producer to multiple consumers, multiple producers to single consumer, multiple producers to multiple consumers.
  • Create different topics depending on the application: persistent, non-persistent and compacted.
  • Add producers or consumers at any time without impacting your operations.
  • Easily migrate your events from an existing messaging system.
  • Specify that several consumers act on a large queue in order to spread the message load over several nodes.
  • Create a work queue that will be acted on by a group of consumers.
  • Handle any amount of data without having to manage the infrastructure!

Use cases:

  • Manage your microservices data securely with ioStream retention.
  • React to your business events in real time thanks to ioStream queue service.
  • Do you work in Big Data? Use streams to feed your data lake.
  • Reduce your operational load by relying on simple APIs instead of managing clusters.
  • Rely on ioStream to push your security audit logs for long-term storage.
  • Provide an event bus to trigger FaaS listening for events.
  • ioStream is the underlying layer for the PaaS unified experience.
  • Use ioStream for asynchronous processing on mobile applications.


Coming soon :

  • Enable data tiering for longer durability on your topics, this feature offloads the queue to Object Storage.
  • Access your data efficiently with low latency wherever you are.
  • Use standard APIs, such as Kafka, MQTT, HTTP & WebSocket, SMTP…


*This feature will be activated at a later stage.


The service is free during the beta.

The "ioStream" button is located in the "Data & Analytics" section, on the left-hand side of the Public Cloud control panel.


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During the beta phase, the service is free. You will be warned when beta finishes, and then invoiced based on actual usage as part of a Public Cloud project. It will be a "Pay-as-you-go" consumption model where you can easily predict what you will use. At the commercial launch a generous voucher will be offered.

During the beta stages, OVH will not provide any contractual SLAs or support. As set out in our Beta Terms of Service, we may interrupt the service at any time during that phase.

We are in discussion with The Apache Software Foundation to take part in the development of the Kafka proxy into Pulsar. We hope to make it available in early 2020.

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