The open-source standard for orchestrating
your containerized apps, managed by OVH

Does your team manage multiple apps? Do you want to industrialize the deployment, scaling and orchestration of microservice architectures and n-tier applications? Kubernetes is now used by thousands of IT teams worldwide to manage their containerized workloads, all the way from development through to production.

OVH is working hard to offer you the full Kubernetes experience, without the hassle of maintaining the software and infrastructure on which your workloads are running.

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Whether you are new to Kubernetes or already use it to orchestrate your workloads, you are sure to benefit from the combination of the Kubernetes ecosystem and OVH's global infrastructure.

In just a few clicks, you will gain access to Kubernetes’ API and CLI and a web dashboard, to manage your apps, clusters and nodes. Your containerized apps will run on your own OVH infrastructure. You will also benefit from seamless integration with our Load Balancer solution, and the ability to effortlessly up- and downscale your loads.


As our final pricing model is still being defined, you won't be charged during the alpha and beta development stages. Additional details about the infrastructure cost will be provided during the activation of your early access. This will be linked to the actual workloads you deploy using Kubernetes.

Of course you can! Some of our solutions already come with MiniKube distribution preinstalled, and we also offer a Terraform recipe to let you try Kubernetes with our Public Cloud. However, building a resilient and future-proof Kubernetes environment is more difficult. The aim of our Kubernetes-as-a-Service solution is to provide you with the full Kubernetes experience, deployed and maintained by our teams, with abstraction of the underlying infrastructure. You will also benefit from specific optimizations and out-of-the box integration with other OVH services.

While we aim to deliver enterprise- and production-class quality when this service is launched commercially, we advise against running any critical applications on it during the alpha and beta phases. As set out in our Terms of Service, we may interrupt the service at any time during these phases.


  • BETA