Managed Docker with Marathon

Deploy containers in the Marathon UI or through the Marathon REST API. Mesos is an Apache project to manage IT resources.

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Managed Docker with Marathon

Deploy, manage and monitor your Dockerized application using Marathon, a production-grade Docker orchestrator. Scale your applications at will, and order more nodes when required to increase your resource pool.

Interface Marathon UI & REST API
Resources Add resource nodes to your cluster as required
Monitoring Health checks (HTTP/TCP) of your applications and automatic redeployment of unhealthy containers
Fault-tolerance Use Marathon constraints to deploy fault-tolerant applications
Application logs Your application logs are sent to Logs Data Plateform
Application metrics Your application metrics are sent to the Metrics Data Plateform
Scaling Seamlessly scale your applications using the Marathon UI & REST API
Rolling restart Use Marathon upgrade strategies to seamlessly roll out new application versions
Security Upload your own SSL certificate to the load balancer handling your application traffic
Service discovery Inter-container communication occurs on a private network
Configurable load balancer Configure your application VHost, network ACLs, load balancing strategy, timeouts, maxconn and health check ports via Marathon labels
Volumes Mount node-local volumes into your Docker containers
Choose your server
Pack XStart XPerf XTrem
RAM 2GB 2x15GB 2x30GB
CPU 1vCPU 2.4 GHz 2x2vCPU 2.4 GHz 2x4vCPU 3.1 GHz
Resources Shared Guaranteed Guaranteed
Max total RAM 64GB 5TB 5TB
HA No Yes 
(minimum of 2 nodes)
(minimum of 2 nodes)
Price / node / month (HT) 4.99€ Soon Soon





Get Started with Docker with Marathon by deploying your first container, and read our tutorials!


The Marathon UI

Marathon scale


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Managed Docker with Marathon
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