Managed Ruby

Deploy your websites on a Managed Ruby web hosting platform

You want to create a website

Nothing could be simpler

Deploy your code and we'll take care of the rest !


to be notified about the release
The service is free during the beta.

It's easy!

Whether you are a Beginner person or an Experienced User happy person

deploy your web projects in a simple and efficient way,

using your favorite language.

  1. We install and setup everything for you
  2. Deploy your framework or your website code
  3. It works

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy installation, we take care of it and we apply all critical or security patches

  • Huge performance with guaranteed ressources

  • Your hosting stays awake, start it once and handle your sessions in a 'stateful' manner

  • Deploy your code from a command line (git clone)

  • Easy configuration with an unlimited number of environment variables (coming soon)

  • No need to wake up at night, we monitor 24/7 and manage your hosting for you


Services included :

language Ruby 2.6 or 2.7 + SQL Databases Anti-DDoS Anti-DDoS protection
Availability High availability floppy Automatic backups
Secured Online control panel Domains Multi-domain management
Secured SSH access (and also SFTP) Statistics Detailed Statistics & Logs
Variable Samples setup available on Git repositories ready to deploy (coming soon) ovh_loc Datacenters in Europe & North America


to be notified about the release
The service is free during the beta.
At the end of this LAB, all created instances will be deleted.


Yes for sure and we will provide some tutorials to help you start.

Only one language version is applicable per hosting. You can create as many hostings you need.

For planning reason, during the LAB we will deliver hosting with a given amount of CPU and RAM. The final offer will propose several flavors for you to select according to your needs. We are working also to propose auto-scaling later on with the final offer.

Using API you could get and set all those. For instance here you could get all your configuration and set it up here.

There is no domain included in this LAB but you can use one of your own and use it on your hosting.
There is no Private SQL database included in the LAB but if you have one you can use it.


  • BETA