Metrics Beta features tutorials

Welcome in the Metrics labs, this page's aim is to present and document all our features in Beta and ready to use. Any feedback on them will be greatly welcomed, you can reach us on gitter.


Our alerting offer on Metrics is called OMNI and discover here a first tutorial to get started with:

Queries protocols

We love that our user are able to use their favorite or best possible tools to query their data. In this section we provides the tutorials to get started with the new protocols supported on the OVH Metrics Platform:

We also added an other kind of query protocol to explore the stored Metrics based on their name and tags:

Input protocols

We now support the Graphite format at ingest:

Prometeus read and write

WarpScript macro repository

You need a specific WarpScript fucntion and didn't find it, maybe someone already implented it? You wrote a great WarpScript and would like to share it? Then the Forge is for you: