NAS-HA 2020

Faster, bigger, SMARTer !

Try out the new NAS-HA ranges, our secured and centralized file storage spaces.

OVHcloud NAS-HA is our best-seller for File Storage. In 2020, we are refreshing our ranges and we would love your feedbacks !
This refresh introduces new hardware parts and new software, leading to :
- Better performances, powered by SSD disks
- Bigger storage capacities, now up to 36TB
- More stability, thanks to FreeBSD
And as always SMART, with everything included by default : hourly backups, failover, network traffic....  Everything is included in the price.

What's a NAS-HA ?

OVHcloud NAS-HA, for "Network-Attached-Storage High Availability", is a file storage space that you can access anywhere, anytime.

You can store files and use them from OVHcloud products such as dedicated servers, Public Cloud, Private cloud, VPS.

You data is now centralized and safe in your infrastructure

To access your storage space, you can use standard protocols NFS and CIFS, through public network


nas ha infrastructure


What's new in this refresh ?

Better performances : NAS-HA are now fully powered by SSD disks, allowing us to increase In/Out operations per second (IOPS).

On the network part, we continue to propose a low latency (SLO <10ms) and high throughput.

Increased capacities : previous NAS-HA generation was limited to 13.2TB. Now you can order up to 36TB per NAS-HA

Lower price per GB : While we increased our capacities, we introduced degressive price per GB

More stability : we updated the operating system to FreeBSD, and reduced the amount of issues generated by software.


What made the success of NAS-HA remains unchanged : a simple pricing where everything is included, backups made by OVHcloud, and so on.

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Offers details

Perfomances shown in the table below are Services Levels Objectives (SLO). Prices may change for the production phasis.

We do not provide SLA today for these offers.

Offers : 3TB 6TB 9TB 18TB 36TB
Price per month / excl. VAT


259€ 359€ 719€


IOPS 7000 7000 10000 15000 20000
Throughput 150MB/s 300MB/s 450MB/s 450MB/s 850MB/s
Burst 850MB/s 850MB/s 850MB/s 850MB/s 850MB/s



Order with -90% discount for first month


No, you will pay 10% of the final price. It's a 90% discount for the first month. It's limited to 1 per customer account.

After 1 month, you can chose to keep your NAS-HA (and you will pay standard price for it) OR chose to terminate it. If you keep it, your data will remain unchanged.

OVHcloud products can access your NAS-HA via public network : dedicated servers, public cloud, private cloud, VPS. Read our documentation for more details :


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