OVH Functions

Run event-driven serverless functions at scale

Setup your event-driven processing with OVH Functions

Focus on writing code.
We manage packaging, deployment, execution and scalability.
Your functions get triggered automatically as the events flow.

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Just write functions

Write functions like you're used to. Several languages are supported: Node.js, Python, Perl, Go, Bash including the set of most common libraries for each language.

HTTPS trigger

With each deployment, an HTTPS trigger with its authentication token is provided. Invoking function with data is just one curl away.

Pub/sub trigger

Functions can be triggered in an asynchronous event-driven fashion, by subscribing them to one or many OVH Queue Kafka topics.

CRON trigger

Automatically invoke your function at regular intervals, and replace your cron scripts.

Logs and metrics

Real-time success and error rates monitoring. Easy debugging with realtime logs, including your own.


Along with the command line interface, every operation on OVH functions can be done through the API.

Infinite scale

We take care of automatically scaling your function execution as needed, in isolated independant environments.


  • BETA