Public Cloud Automation

Let's automate your cloud resources
Create scenarios to simplify your backups and other recurring actions!


OVH Public Cloud offers new functionalities for scheduling and automating a range of recurring actions on your infrastructure. This new capability works like an algorithm orchestrator runing scenarios based on a trigger.

These tools provides you with:
  • An easy method for performing basic tasks via ovh api (and later thourgh customer panel). For example, ensuring a daily backup of your server is automatically generated and retained for 14 days.
  • Or a full access to an OpenStack Mistral API, enabling you to schedule any action on any OpenStack resource. For example, you could automatically stop your CI/CD machines every weekend, or rebuild your demo servers every hour (based on snapshots), empty a storage container at the end of each month…

One single scenario can be composed by multiple actions and conditions letting you the possibility to automatize complexe and recurent tasks. Moreover, a scenario can call other scenarios and you can trigger cascading scenarios resulting on dozens of dozens of tasks.

Service OpenStack Mistral mistral


API version v2
Region All Newton regions


During Beta and Alpha stages, the automation itself will be provided free of charge, so you will only pay for the storage of your snapshots at the standard price for your billing country (0.01€/GB/month in France). A daily backup of a 40GB machine with seven days’ retention would, for example, cost you about 0.01x40x7=2.80€ per month (excluding taxes).

During the alpha and beta development stages, OVH will not provide any contractual SLAs or support for this feature. The Mistral API will enable you to track the status of all your scheduled tasks, but you will be responsible for checking the consistency of your snapshots, for example.

The OpenStack Foundation maintains comprehensive documentation of Mistral’s capabilities. Once we will have enabled early access for the first group of users, we will also create an official thread on the OVH Community forum for questions and feedback.


  • BETA