Standard Performance

Standard Object Storage

Class of storage S3 compliant that brings the best ratio performance/price 



happy person  You need capacitive object storage for your application, web site, content delivery plateform

happy person You look the right design storage destination to secure your back up

Use easily our S3 compliant object storage API and we'll take care of the rest !

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🎉 This is it, the Object Storage  Beta Test is opening!
You are now able to store your data on Object Storage Standard Performance. This is the adapted class of storage for your web site, e-commerce platforms, media back-office, capacitive storage, business data/logs, back-ups...

🎁 The combination of the functional richness of OVHcloud S3 middleware arg

Lots of new features thanks to our S3 middleware : S3 lock (soon), encryption at rest (SSE-C), wild range of S3 APIs

✨New design, new benefits

This is a strongly consistant object storage class ! The data is resilient thanks to erasure coding (9+3) technology. 

New! Outgoing bandwidth to OVHcloud servers is included in the price  

 😀 Your are a new customer in OVHcloud public cloud and object storage ?
Welcome ! To get started, you will have to create your customer ID. To help you during your first steps, many guides detailing our current hosting offers are already available through this link: 

Step 1 - Start a public cloud project  

Step 2 - Create your credentials S3 

Step 3 - Start testing the object storage class using the endpoint  and S3 APIs  


📄 Need help, a guide?
In order to help you discover how to work with object storage S3, we have put together several guides here

📣 Do you have questions or want to share comments with us?
During the LAB you will be able to discuss with us in Discord :

Our team will answer live. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you for your interest into our products.

The OVHcloud team

Data cost

6,5 €/TB/Month

Free during the Beta

Incoming traffic


Free during the Beta
Outgoing traffic to OVHcloud servers         included Free during the Beta
Outgoing traffic         0,01 €/GB Free during the Beta
*Prices might change after beta



Is the beta free ?

Yes, the beta is free of charge. 


Can I keep my data after the beta test ?

Yes, at the end of the beta test you can keep your data and you will be charge starting the GA (General Availability) date


Is there a limitation of capacity per beta tester during the beta test? 

The capacity is limited at 50 TB by customer


I don't see the standard storage class in the manager, is it normal? 

Yes, for the beta test the storage class is accessible only via S3 API. You create a user in the manager and ask for S3 credential. Than you create buckets, upload objects etc with S3 API with the endpoint


What is the DC available? 

Beta test is available at GRA


  • BETA



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The new Standard performance Object Storage offer is about to be available in BETA version.