SWARM64 Analytics Database Acceleration

Swarm64 delivers high performance analytics in Near Real-Time on popular open-source databases

All Data with Relational Databases Instantly Access Value in All Data with S64DA Swarm64 seamlessly combines hard- and software into an engineered solution for greater business efficiency and performance. The S64DA is the out of the box solution to add analytical power to your relational databases.



Established Tools
High Velocity Performance
Rejuvenate Your Business
Save Money
Decades of database and analytical tools experience keep your data and business safe.
Instant availability of fresh data lets you engage with customers and control machines without delay.
Use your present skills, experience and IT infrastructure to build the future of your business on all Data.
Get a ten times performance boost and save on operations expenses.

S64 Data Accelerator for PostgreSQL



Removing Bottlenecks

S64DA with Intel FPGAs can inherently process large data analytics with immense degrees of parallelism and achieve faster result times. This results in power efficiency and higher performance through data compression. The FPGA remains invisible to the application and users.

Deeper Up-to-Date Insights

Aggregate data more often and get results immediately. Near-real-time analysis of very large data sets provides deeper insights into your data and allows timely decisions based on more frequently updated information.

No Changes to Applications

Engineered to integrate into your existing business environment with minimal set-up time and risk. Installs as a standard PostgreSQL extension and after a few minor adjustments the Data Accelerator is operational. No changes to your SQL queries or applications required.


Acceleration through Hardware architecture without impact on code and standards



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