Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh

The end-to-end automated web development platform that makes it easy to launch and run web applications or websites.

Take advantage of Platform.sh's expertise combined with OVHcloud's infrastructure, ahead of everyone by participating in our closed Beta accessible to a limited number of participants.

♾️ Want to apply continuous integration and development practices (CI/CD), flexibility and agility between developers?
💻 In PHP or other programming languages?
🌟 On a unified PaaS platform (Develop, Build, Package, Provision, Deploy, Run, Manage, Secure), in a secure environment and without any infrastructure management?

Web PaaS powered by platform.sh can answer these needs!

Please note that if you are selected for the Beta phase, you'll be asked to provide feedbacks on the product in our Gitter room which you'll be invited to and through some other means such as surveys or users group.

Beta open on 22th March 2021 but you can already register and ask for an access.

paas-psh-ovh-logoREGISTER HERE
The service is free during the lab.
At the end of this lab, all instances will be deleted.



Absolutely ! Please also consider that a the end of the beta phase, all content and instances will be erased.

This is a closed beta limited to 50 users. To enter you will need to fill the subscription form. If you are selected you will receive an email with a Beta contract and information on how to contact us and provide feedback during the Beta.

The offer we deploy during this phase corresponds to the entry offer of our Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh without options. This offer is limited in terms of users (max 1), languages and therefore templates available. The beta conditions will not offer configuration options such as additional storage, staging environments or vCPUs.


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